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Totem 1

Totem 1, Mixed Media. 3D: size 44" x 24" x 4"

Totem 4
"Totems" resulted from following a strong instinct to save and incorporate found objects that intriqued me along daily walks. Observing the change in aging materials like weathered branches, rocks or metal allowed me to draw comparisons to my own life. Varied routes became allegories for progressing through life, reinforcing how external influences alter us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Each trek became an adventure leading to spontaneous discoveries illustrating the beauty in random, natural disorder.

Through the build up of superimposed materials I started seeing these constructions as symbols, sacred to me for their close connection to nature. Totems are sacred and symbolic as well. They represent anyonymous forces that act as guides along our unique journeys. These are adorned with gold leaf and both natural and man-made materials.
Mixed media included digital prints, metal, wood, lichen, polymer, acrylic paint, lutradur, cheesecloth, shells, foam board, sea glass, seaweed and adhesives.











Totem 2
Totem 3, Mixed Media 3D: size 51" x 24" x 4.5"
Totem 4, Mixed Media 3D: size 55.5" x 22" x 8"
Totem 3
, Mixed Media3D: size 69" x 20" x 3.75"